Pigments in powder for the sector under the brand ChromaFer and for DIY and small professional works under the brand EasyColor. Besides, we have pigments in emulsion ChromaFer Liquid DP available, among which the inorganic synthetic iron oxides and green chrome oxides stand out. We develop specific pigments made to measure.

G&C Colors’ inorganic pigments have many applications in different fields: cementitious construction materials, paints, plastics, rubber, paper, abrasives, fertilizers, DIY, ceramics, glass, and so on. Our pigments comply with the highest quality standards and they adapt to the most varied and demanding conditions. In the construction sector, except some special ones, ChromaFer pigments abide by the requirements of the regulation UNE-EN-12878:2007 and they meet the conditions for the CE marking according to the annex ZA.1.

These are the main specialties in pigments:

Iron oxides PR 101, PY 42, PBk 11, PBk 33, PY-119 and all the possible combinations of these.

Green chrome oxide PG 17

Carbon black PBk 7

Titanium dioxide PW6

Ultramarine blue PB 29

Cobalt blue PB 36 and PB 28

Phthalocyanine blue PB 15.3

Organic green PG 8

Bismuth vanadate yellow PY 184

Organic yellow PY 74

Cobalt green PG 50

Organic red PR 254


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