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Pigments in powder for the sector under the brand ChromaFer and for DIY and small professional works under the brand EasyColor. Besides, we have pigments in emulsion ChromaFer Liquid DP available, among which the inorganic synthetic iron oxides and green chrome oxides stand out. We develop specific pigments made to measure.

G&C Colors’ inorganic pigments have many applications in different fields: cementitious construction materials, paints, plastics, rubber, paper, abrasives, fertilizers, DIY, ceramics, glass, and so on. Our pigments comply with the highest quality standards and they adapt to the most varied and demanding conditions. In the construction sector, except some special ones, ChromaFer pigments abide by the requirements of the regulation UNE-EN-12878:2007 and they meet the conditions for the CE marking according to the annex ZA.1.

These are the main specialties in pigments:

Iron oxides PR 101, PY 42, PBk 11, PBk 33, PY-119 and all the possible combinations of these.

Green chrome oxide PG 17

Carbon black PBk 7

Titanium dioxide PW6

Ultramarine blue PB 29

Cobalt blue PB 36 and PB 28

Phthalocyanine blue PB 15.3

Organic green PG 8

Bismuth vanadate yellow PY 184

Organic yellow PY 74

Cobalt green PG 50

Organic red PR 254


Lagytex is the brand for coatings, adherence bridges and sealants in acrylic systems, methacrylate, epoxy resin, polyurethane, mixed binders, and so on. The series Micro Coat, Metal Coat and AY 600 stand out.

  • Micro Coat are powder coatings of mixed binders and high performance. They are aimed at the renovation of stamped concrete pavements, making bike lanes and other finishing surfaces in new constructions.
  • Metal Coat is a range of coatings for any surface which simulates metal oxides such as weathering steel, copper or bronze.
  • Lagytex AY 600 are semi-transparent varnishes aimed at precast concrete, artificial stone, natural stone, other construction materials, wood, and so on. These varnishes make it very easy to achieve the effects of wood and stone or rustic and aging.

Line tracer powder

This is our blue line tracer powder, useful for all kinds of construction professionals to delimit an area.

Its composition is developed to achieve an optimal adherence of the powder to the string, getting as a result a perfectly nitid line thanks to its balanced density and reduced volatility.

Used by structurists, builders, electricians, plasterers and other professionals to delimit areas.

Release agents for concrete stamps 

Colored release agents in powder to make stamped concrete pavements and wall hangings. They are functional and pigmented solutions, that is, besides coloring, these products also act as a release agent. Easy to spread, with a high nonstick power and easy to remove after the hardening of the surface.

Available in a wide range of colors.

Water-repellent additives

Adifugo comprises water-repellent additives for mortars and concrete in powder and emulsion, as well as siloxanes to waterproof absorbent surfaces.


Microcement is a complete decorative system that is made of, at least, three main elements:

  • Base Mortar ( made of Portland cement, aggregates and additives)
  • Finishing Mortar (similar composition but with smaller aggregates)
  • Finishing Resin (diverse composition according to the desired results)

Its function is protective as well as decorative and it is essentially applied as a coating for wall hangings and pavements. It can also be used in other surfaces such as furniture, gypsum drywall, kitchen worktops, bathroom furniture, and so on.

Biogas desulphurization

It involves special oxides and iron oxyhydroxides which are able to reduce the amount of hydrogen suphide H2S contained within the anaerobic digesters in biogas plants.

Biogas is formed by the action of bacteria that transform organic matter waste into digestors in anaerobic conditions (lack of oxygen). Among the waste coming from human activity which needs to be managed we have: forestry residues, liquid manure from livestock farms, remains from agricultural production, from meat, fish and vegetable canning industry, as well as solid urban waste, mud coming from industrial and domestic wastewater purifying plants, remains from paper industry, and so on.

Biogas created in the anaerobic digesters cannot be used as such since it contains impurities that have to be removed or reduced to amounts that are not harmful for the subsequent energetic use in the form of heat or electricity.

Biogas is mainly made of methane, but it contains considerable amounts of CO2 and modest ones of hydrogen sulphide. The objective is to remove the CO2 and the H2S to achieve biomethane which is pure enough for its energy use. ChromaFer DB 02 and DB 04 make it possible to considerably decrease the amount of H2S in the anaerobic digestor itself. This will allow the purification adjustment through active carbon filters or other systems. If this early reduction in H2S content does not take place, the final purification filters would saturate ahead of time or increase the processing cost.

Animal food

Coloring organoleptic additives based on high purity and high coloring power iron oxides aimed at dying animal food products. Available in red, yellow and black.

Complementary products

Setting retarder

Calcium carbonates, talc and micronized silica

Surface setting deactivator

Polypropylene fibre


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