Restoration Molino de la pólvora

Projet Title: Acondicionamiento de los restos del Molino de la Pólvora y su entorno

Construction company: Construcciones Juan Gregorio

Place: Guadalupe, Murcia

Year: 2020

The objective of this work has been to recover both the historical remains of the mill, as well as part of the stone panels and quijeros of the main Aljufía ditch. These actions have made it possible to recover the correct circulation of water through the channels of the ditch, avoiding the transfers from one channel to another that had been taking place until now.

Supplied Materials:

A specific mixture was developed for this work consisting of Dióxido de Titanio ChromaFer TRS 425 and Orange ChromaFer 9060
to try to give the poured concrete in various areas a color similar to that of the original fired clay bricks./p>


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