Lagytex is the brand for coatings, adherence bridges and sealants in acrylic systems, methacrylate, epoxy resin, polyurethane, mixed binders, and so on. The series Micro Coat, Metal Coat and AY 600 stand out.


  • Micro Coat are powder coatings of mixed binders and high performance. They are aimed at the renovation of stamped concrete pavements, making bike lanes and other finishing surfaces in new constructions.
  • Metal Coat is a range of coatings for any surface which simulates metal oxides such as weathering steel, copper or bronze.
  • Lagytex AY 600 are semi-transparent varnishes aimed at precast concrete, artificial stone, natural stone, other construction materials, wood, and so on. These varnishes make it very easy to achieve the effects of wood and stone or rustic and aging.

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